Hi dear Reader, hope you all are doing fine? I want to appreciate you all for the birthday wishes, you all are the best.
Is it just me or everyone has a regular habit of putting down what they wish too achieve, be it a thing to purchase, a growth plan, or a business plan on a piece of paper. As for me i can say i recently developed the habit I writing down what I want to achieve. I’m safe to say I write it down twice a week. I don’t know but I feel it makes me feel I’m progressing and it takes away a lot of burden from me. I guess you should try doing it, it helps you fulfill one or two things.

Today’s blog post is about how I styled myself for an office look using the same pant trouser for both looks. People should know that having an office look is not always about a suit or a starched shirt, you can also look fashionable to the office.
The first look is a Red puff hand sleeve shirt. I opted for red color because it depicts fierceness, my ability to be productive at work irrespective of  stress and I went for a detailed shirt so I would look fashionable.

The second look I opted out for was for a blue netted long sleeve chiffon shirt. I went for a less fashionable top styled with a pant trouser.

Blue Pant -> Mark & Spencer
Blue Chiffon top -> forever21
Red Shirt ->
Sandal heels ->
Black Handbag -> Miniso

Photographer -> Tolu Owoeye (Instagram- @Itolu_)

What do you think about this look?, kindly leave your comment in the comment section in form of disqus