My friends and I went to a friend’s store in Lekki and on our way home we decided to stop by “The place” to grab dinner but unfortunately “The place restaurant” was filled with people. We decided to pass time by strolling around the vicinity and then we ended up discovering the most comfortable, beautiful and pocket friendly restaurant called EKO KITCHEN.

Honestly we were so reluctant to go in, to make findings, but we took the bold step  and we were really surprised that a nice restaurant in Lekki phase 1 could be so affordable.

We proceeded to checking  their menu and we were astonished, we decided to abandon our initial plan which was eating at The place restaurant, because the Eko kitchen restaurant was more affordable than The place restaurant. Eko kitchen has really cool and beautiful spaces in and outside the restaurant, so before we ordered for our meals, we decided to take cool pictures.I really love their interior designs, it is truly artistic and most art works represented the name” Eko kitchen”.
They also had a space were kids could play.

While we were exploring and taking pictures, we were informed about their twin restaurant called Unusual cuisine, they share the same boundary and it is owned by one person, the only difference is that it is an “a la Carte” service in a stylish setting, the meals are prepared while you wait and would be ready in 20 minutes, they also had more things available on the menu.

I ordered white rice-#300
plantain #350 
and chicken #500
I spent a total of #1150
The food was really satisfactory. 

  • Water is absolutely FREE at Eko kitchen
  • They have beautiful and artistic spaces
  • The food at Eko kitchen is so pocket friendly
  • Their customer service is superb
  • The toilet walls has funny quotes written all over 
  • It is located at 8D, Layi yusuf Crescent Lekki Phase 1, Lagos 
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