Hello dear readers,hope you are doing fine?.

Today’s blogpost is about building your confidence from a 0% to 100% when it come to rocking your natural hair to a sociable event. Mind you when I talk about natural hair I don’t mean “Team natural” kind of hair, like the one with the afro and constant treatment.

I am talking about the relaxed African hair, that is not long and probably not full.
Most people find it difficult to go out with their natural hair, you can never see some ladies with their natural hair, they always have extensions on, I am not saying having extensions on is a bad thing as a lady, but most ladies don’t allow their hair to breath.
Most ladies are not proud of the kind of hair they have, honestly I used to be in that category, but recently I have found the need to appreciate my God given hair.

Steps on how to be confident in your natural hair
STEP 1; WEAR IT OUT: you should try to wear it out more often,start with styling it and wearing to a place that is not far from your home.
STEP 2; KNOW WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, you could comb it out and leave it without packing it together or pack it up and give it a middle parting, just study your kind of face and know what will suit you perfectly.
STEP 3; Try not to pay attention to people and rock your hair confidently.


  • Dark and lovely relaxer
  • Hair wonder cream
  • Edge control

Extra tip; wash hair once a week

Do you think you can go out confidently in your own hair? Don’t be a stranger, drop your comments in the comment section in form of “Disqus”