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Harmattan is a weather season in Nigeria, it is also called dry season, it is almost like the winter season abroad, the only difference is that it does not snow; it just always very cold and dusty.

Today’s blog post is about looking chic in Harmattan season and A-must-Have during the season.
If you will be visiting any part of Nigeria this period you should be fully prepared for the season because you will be so so cold especially before dawn.

What Harmattan does to your body
– It makes the skin very dry and ashy
– It gives you cracked lips
– It makes your hair dry and dusty
which causes breakage
– It makes you cold especially in the early hours of the morning

A must-have in your wardrobe this Harmattan season is a cardigan a very thick one in other to prevent you from feeling so cold.
You can shop for a very fancy one from stores like
– H&M
– Marks and Spencer
– Ali Express
– Zara basics
– Zaful
– Lagos island market
Also Thick denim trouser should be your best friend this season, preferably mom’s jeans, it helps with the body temperature.
Get cover shoes or sandals, I don’t advise slippers this period, as shoes will give you a smarter look and will definitely help regulate body temperature.
I highly recommend that you should get eye shades, as this is a very dusty period and you would want the wind blowing dust into those precious eyes of yours.

– You should get a moisturizer (st ives cream is a good moisturizer)
– Get Vaseline
– You should have lip balm, it helps with the cracked lips (please ensure you have it in your purse at all times )

I hope with this simple guide, you are prepared for the Harmattan season in Nigeria.

What else do you think you need to get for the Harmattan season?, Do you like this blog post?
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