Converse shoe has never really been my kind of fashion, but recently I decided to try it out, as a popular saying always goes ” there is no harm in trying”.
In Lagos, Nigeria; Sneakers are hardly the kind of shoe that would come across a normal Nigerian except you want to feel the “obodoyibo” (abroad) vibe. The reason why I can’t just decide to shop for a sneaker shoe on a regular day is utmostly because of the harsh weather condition, as we know that the Sun in lagos, Nigeria this days is really not smiling. Some people will say it is our punishment for singing the “Mans not hot” song last year lol.
This style blog post will show you how to style a converse shoe to look a bit edgy.
This style made me look like a high school kid yeah?(you can answer this in the comment section)

I opted for a grey coloured converse sneakers, as we know grey colours are very mild looking and would suite any colour when carefully paired together.
I styled it with a vintage shirt which is almost, 4 years lol, yes I must say this is my first ever vintage shirt I own, I really love it because it is a chiffon like material and it has stood the test of time. I got it for a steal at that time; price (#500) almost $2.
I turned the vintage shirt into a mini crop top by simply knoting the tip of the shirt.
My mom’s jeans came to the rescue as I beautiful paired it with my DIY cropped vintage shirt.
My go to head wear was my grey coloured hat as I was having a bad hair day. I know right grey shoe and grey hat what a positive coincidence.
My mini bag to the rescue, it also had this grey colour feel.

Vintage shirt; Yaba market
Denim; H&M
Sneakers; converse
Mini bag; miniso

Are you a sneakers girl or a heel kinda girl? Drop your answers in the comment section.
Don’t be a stranger Dearie 😉.