Hello dear reader, how is your day going?
Most times I just get this awkward feeling where I just want to eat out, like I don’t feel like going through the stress of cooking, I hope I am not the only one who gets this awkward feeling.
Luckily for me there was a new restaurant where I was at that time, however I used the medium of avoiding to cook to catch up with my friend…smart right?(lol)
Woody is located at 1st Avenue, beside V close, festac, lagos
Most importantly, The set up of the restaurant was really mature, they didn’t play around with colours, rather they went with subtle colours which I believed brought out the theme.
Woody is majorly a lounge but they also have the restaurant section.
The environment was calm, collected and very clean.


  • I went for chef special woody pasta which cost #3500
    a glass of Smirnoff which was #700 which was a total of #4200, however this was really satisfying

  • My dates went for Chinese fried rice; #1000 which was accompanied by the side with asun, cost #1500
  • Date 2; opted for chips, price #1000 and a glass of Smirnoff which cost #700


  • This beautiful restaurant is located at 1st Avenue festac town, lagos-
  • It should be know that woody’s restaurant is mainly a lounge
  • Moreover, it is located in a calm environment
  • My food took time before I was served, therefore I don’t commend them for that. Meanwhile I got talk with my friend remember I told you earlier I planned on using this medium
  • Most importantly their service was okay,


Above all, What do you think about this restaurant? Thank you for stopping by
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