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Today’s  blog post, I collaborated with Yoruba chic to review a lovely restaurant located in no 2, Alexander way, Ikoyi, Lagos It will be in form of an interview because I intend to keep the blog post short and simple. The pictures will speak for themselves and I wanted to do something different from my normal restaurant review ENJOY.


Hello Yoruba chic                                     Response: Hi

kindly introduce your self?                     Response: I’m Oyindamola, writer and content creator at Yoruba Chic.

What is the name of the restaurant we are reviewing today?                                       Response: Danfo Bistro and dives

What was your first impression when you got to the restaurant?                                       Respose: It managed to make Danfo into something super cool. The decor is very chic and well detailed.

How was the ambience?                        Response: cool…alte

Do you think danfo bistros and dive is over rated?                                                         Response: Not really. If you’re looking for something different and unique it’s ideal. The only thing overhyped is their ẹwà ganyin.

Do you think the adoption of the lagos theme is a bit cliche?                                            Response:  It’s refreshing actually. Most restaurants here use foreign designs at least they managed to make something fancy out of our beloved Lagos City.

Meat the French

What did you order from the menu?  Response: Suya Mosik, Danfo wings and white sangria. You ordered Meat the French sandwich and a mimosa cocktail.



Danfo chicken wings

Suya mosik


mimosa cocktail

Is the food pricey?                                   Response:  The food is moderately pricey

What can you say about the customer service?                                     Response:The customer service is great

Are they beautiful spaces to take photos in the restaurant? I am sure content creators are eager to find out.                                     Response: The space is also great for pictures

In three words describe danfo bistros. Response: Chic. Edgy. Different

Would you recommend this restaurant to a friend?                                                       Response: Definitely.

If yes, why would you do so?                Response: Because I won’t mind going there a second time.

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Thank you for stopping by, would you love to visit Danfo Bistro?