Hello dear reader, hope your week went well.

Today’s blog post is an out fit inspo for the corporate world, I know it is totally off that I am publishing this blog post on a Friday instead of Monday which is a serious work day meanwhile it won’t hurt to have an outfit planned for the coming week.


I think I have finally taken over my moms closet…lol. This lovely blue gown was a steal from moms closet, but guess who is now the proud owner…me🙂, she saw how well it suits me and decided to give me. Well, enough of the daughter and mom talk.

    This gown has an asymmetrical style which makes me love it so much; most importantly the flare hands, This flare style makes it really unique, amidst all I love the tie which allows me knot it into a cute bow.

     More over, I love this outfit because of the colour mix, it is mixed with blue and my best colour nude. The nude colour made it easy for me to style it with a light brown coloured hand bag and a rose gold mules, which took a long break here but I guess it is back.


  • Work (office work)
  • Business meetings
  • Business dinners 



  • Corporate Gown (Mom’s closet)
  • Mules (rose gold)
  • Bag (elegance)
  • Hair (darling Nigeria)

Photo by: zimee_lee, edited: by me

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