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Today’s blog post is a three in one blog post so this blog post is going to be a long one ; as a result of this why don’t you grab your popcorn and enjoy.

   Valentine’s day is basically a day of love for everyone, but most times it is not mutually beneficial, it is either you are the giver of the act of love or the receiver, which ever category you belong to , this blog post will help you handle this Valentine well.

The three things that come to every ladies mind days before Valentine’s day are what she will wear on Valentine’s day, gift ideas for him, and above all the kind of place you will want to have your love dinner.

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I opted for a red top and skirt, which I made sure is not clinging to my body, because I know I have a Valentine’s dinner coming up in the evening and I would want to eat a lot.
I accessorized the outfit with a monochrome heels and a black clutch.

You will not want to be the girlfriend that gives her boy friend boxers and singlet  rather give him a gift that will stand the test of time, for gift you can check out these 3 stores
PERFUME ; From Saint Roland you can get a perfume for your man for as low as #14,000 click here to shop

SHOE; Essenceshoes, for very affordable and timeless shoes, you should check them click here  
CLOTHES: Yes, men like clothes too, check out Macbeniscostores click here to shop

Hey my ladies, come let me whisper to you. When your man is asking, “Babe, where do you think we can go and chill on Valentine’s day?” Just tell him you want to eat out and you have a couple of restaurants in mind;
Here are the top two restaurant that you should be at on Valentine’s day:
1) 788 on the sea click here to get more information

2) shiro lagos click here to get more information

Most importantly, For the men, here is a gift idea for your lady
Forget the flowers get her fragrance
Use code “THEESTEPHANY” to shop just click here

If you that intend to spend  your day alone you are likewise  not left out! If you don’t have any place in mind you may want to enter for this give away hosted by me in collaboration with @woodysng . The winner gets a free SPECIAL Valentine meal.click here to see the rules.

More over, what will you be doing on Valentine’s day ? Kindly drop your comments
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It is the season of love (Happy Valentine’s day)