Hi Lovelies,
Hope you are doing good.
Today’s blog post is about an exquisite restaurant located in 30Lugard Avenue Ikoyi, Lagos.
It was my friends birthday, so we decided to surprise her in a very cosy way. I contacted “The George hotel” to make enquires about the Resturant in the hotel which is called “Da Vinci “ restaurant.

Our telephone conversation went very well; that was what made me choose this restaurant out of the other options I had in mind.
So the main day came, you wouldn’t want to know the trick I used in convincing her to leave her comfort zone 😉.


I reserved a table earlier when I called, so when I got there, my friends and I were welcomed by the waiters warmly (meanwhile she still didn’t realize what was going on). My friends and I were showed to our table by the waiter assigned to us, few minutes later The menu was given to us, which comprised varieties of food (yummy).

We took our time to select from the menu, because we didn’t want to select what we would regret. We ordered seafood spaghetti, bolognese spaghetti and chef salad.

Sea food pasta


Bolognese pasta


Sea food pasta

My friends and I were also handed the drinks menu, we ordered white wine which cost #12,000 and a big bottle of water #1500.
While our food was been prepared which took about 20minutes, we got started with appetizers which was a really fluffy bread and olden burger butter.

Our food came finally, we couldn’t wait dive in, I must say it was worth the wait and worth the try, most especially very filling, we had to take the rest home.
The “entire” staff of the restaurant came carrying custom cake specially made for her while singing birthday songs as part of the surprise plan.
The cake tasted so heavenly.


  • The restaurant is very beautiful and cozy
    The food there taste really divine
  • The customer service is 101%; the waiter assigned to our table was awesome
  • Their bathroom has a beautiful mirror for beautiful mirror selfies
  • The dinner was four, which cost #73,000
    They have a wine on the wine menu that cost #600,000 just incase you want to go top notch 😉

What do you think about this restaurant, will you recommend it to a friend? Talk to me don’t be a stranger. Thank you for stopping by