The sallah beak is finally approaching and  I know a lot of people are thinking of what fun places to visit, especially places they haven’t visited 

   Sallah holiday is one of those holidays you get to bond with family and friends ;yes call that old friend of yours you have always wanted to hang out with but  your busy schedules keeps coming in the way .

     One thing about holidays in a city like Lagos Nigeria is that it is a stress reliever especially for the 8 yo 5 workers , who experience lots of traffic. 

 So, I urge you to take this 2 day break to rest and have fun. My advice is to  have fun on Monday and rest on Tuesday while you also prepare for work on Wednesday 

There are a few places you can relieve stress this sallah holiday.

EAT OUT; Remember when we were young there was always this excitement that comes when holiday approaches because we know we always get a special treat, example eating at Mr Biggs. If you want a similar experience you could vist Kohinoor restaurant their food is very tasty and certainly not regrettable
Dressing tip; throw on a nice shift dress with heels or sneakers.

PLAY TIME: When I think of play time I think of “The Amusement Park” which was part of my childhood. If you are looking at something similar that will partake both adults and children you should visit Upbeat center, before you go to upbeat, you may decide to visit FROZEN ROLLS, in other to get your sugar high.
Dressing tip : casual outfit

GET PAMPERED: As ladies we love a stress relief massage; visit a spa this holiday. A spa which you can visit is Henna’s place, they have almost everything available ranging from facials, hennas and  massage.

Thank you for reading.
With the above tips, I know your Sallah holiday will not be boring. Don’t forget to drop your comments.