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Today’s blog post is about how my friends took ourselves on a nail pampering session
Formerly in Lagos Nigeria, getting your manicure and pedicure done in an exotic way was not in style. Recently the beauty business has updated their game as regards manicure and pedicure.

We decided to go for our pampering on a Monday, yes I know this might look really unserious especially how Monday is depicted in this part of our world, but we decided to break free from that mentality of having to do your manicure or pedicure on a weekend and decided to do it on a Monday on Nailicure

Nailicure is located in The beauty hub, No 21b, Emma Abimbola Cole Street lekki phase 1.
One of the reasons we decided to go on a Monday was because they have an offer called 4k Monday’s, this means you get to do stuffs on you nail for as low as 4000 Naira.

Unfortunately what my friends and I picked were not within the scope of the 4k offer
I went for an acrylic mable/ foil design nail which cost #12,000, my friend went for acrylic ombré/foil design nail which also cost #12,000, my other friend went for acrylic ombré shimmer

Acrylic marble foil nail

Acrylic ombré foil nail

Acrylic ombré shimmering nails

How did I chose my design?: normally I have a lot of nail photos saved on my phone, so I showed them what I had in mind, I wanted to do an extraordinary color, although they didn’t have the color I wanted but it turned out fantastic except for the fact I had bruises ☹️.

                 THINGS TO NOTE

  •  If you are not sure of the nail cost you want to do, you can show the manager and she will tell you the cost
  • Customer service is 6/10
  • They will serve you fruit juice while getting your nails done
  • The nail salon is aesthetically pleasing

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