Hello dear reader, welcome to the new year of 2020. I believe this new year holds great things, because you have the chance to make it great!

In Today’s blog post I will be giving three (3) tips that will aid you in getting your goals achieved in the new year.

First off, what are goals?
A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envision, plan and commit to achieving.

Click here to see how I smashed my goals for 2019The first thing to do is to get a planner and write down the goals you want to achieve, the point of writing your goals is that it helps you understand it clearly so that you can plan towards achieving those goals in a concise manner.

The second Is to pick out the goals you are most passionate about, why it is essential to pick Is because you don’t want to get carried away trying to achieve all when you didn’t properly plan for any, so as you pick, set a plan

Thirdly Get all the authentic support you need don’t go around looking for support from people who do not care about your passion or understand your passion. No matter how energetic you are you can’t be knowledgeable about everything nor can you do it all on your own. You need people in your space who will regularly give you good advise.

Furthermore be committed and consistent in your process of achieving your goals , When you’re getting exciting new opportunities and offers thrown at you, it’s not easy to keep choosing your own goal over the sparkle and flash of something else. When you are finding it hard always revisit your purpose. It would be like a reminder to make you sit up snd focuse on your priorities. Consistency is very vital, there is no way you will fail if you know what you want and keep working towards it, establish your why.

Finally celebrate your wins no matter how small or great they are, this will give you the zeal to keep up and never give up. It is just like giving a child a present when he comes top of his class. Celebrating can be you getting a dress that you’ve be eyeing for a while *wink. Just don’t go overboard with it! Keep your eyes on the prize.

With these tips, I am very convinced that you are ready to smash those goals like a boss. 

If you have more tips feel free to drop them in the comment section