Hello dear reader! I hope you are doing great. In today’s blog post, I will be giving you five easy tips on how to look 100% classy on a budget.

At times buying a corporate outfit can make us break the bank, because mehn corporate outfits don’t come cheap. But do you know you can save cost by the tips I will be giving you and still look classy and chic?

The first step is to wear black. Wait, wait before you get PTSD thinking about the colour. Lol. Look how I paired this black body con gown with black heels and a black handbag.

Let me let you in on this pro tip; wearing the colour black saves you from the stress of shopping for outfits and figuring out how to style them. Black is a neutral colour so it goes with everything and anything. You can dress it up with say, a hot pink bag, white sunglasses and leopard print shoes or dress it down by opting for a monochrome look. Basically, the sky is your starting point and your imagination the limit!  Since it is a solid colour it coordinates with other colours and patterns.

The second step is to wear a blazer. Yes, blazers entirely speaks class, it just adds this flair to an outfit you know? Plus, it is a deliberate outfit choice which means it speaks of a decisive and confident woman who makes bold choices and runs with it. I mean, what’s more, classy than a confident and stylish woman? one thing you need to know is, when selecting a blazer you should totally go for the colours that compliment your skin tone. Pastels are lovely on warm skin tones and they’re a break from the usual primary colours we see on people i.e red, blue, yellow. As you can see I went for a mint coloured blazer here, and it worked wonders for my outfit.

The third step is to wear makeup and have your hair done. Whether you are a fan of makeup or on the meh side of the spectrum, we can all agree that makeup elevates a look depending on how it is applied. In this case, subtle makeup will do the trick, all you need is foundation to cover up blemishes, concealer to wake those eyes up! And lipstick to give it a clean finish. You could include brow pencil and mascara to your makeup routine depending on your facial needs.

If you’re going for a boss lady or attention grabber look, I strongly recommend red lipstick. Just make sure you wear a shade that looks good on you because different skin tones have different needs.

Your hair has to be clean of course we can’t have you out these streets dressed all nice with ashy looking scalps! Issa no-no from me. Your hairstyle doesn’t have to be anything flamboyant if its in a weave make sure those fly always are tamed, braids? Then those edges have to be laid or brushed neatly (whatever your preference may be), trimmed and styled nicely. If you’re rocking your natural locks, then do it up in a chic, never-seen-before hairstyle and turn those heads! Remember YouTube is your friend, you would be surprised at the wealth of creativity on there.

And last but not least, remember to walk the talk! Clothes can only do so much for you, you have the power to make yourself be perceived in any way you please as long as you have the attitude for it. Confidence and the right attitude is key in bringing forth in you elegance and sophistication that we admire in well-dressed ladies.

Thank you for stopping by, and kindly drop your awesome comments and stories on how the right outfit got you new opportunities ✨✨✨

“edited by Shalom Egbagbe-Wakama”