Hello dear reader! It’s me again, here to help you enjoy the cuffing season whether you’re all booed up or flying solo like a boss. Cos hey, Valentine is a season for love! In all forms and ramifications. So yeah, tis the season for self-love people! And I’m not just talking addressing sweet words and a box of chocolates to yourself so you could act all surprised when you see it in the mail. Lol. I’m talking, going on a much deserved trip outside the shores of Nigeria. Wait, wait. Before you say the only trip you can take with your bank account would be to door of your house *cue in distressed wails*

I’m talking about Ghana. Our close cousins. If you’re wondering what you would do in Ghana that could possibly get you on the next plane there, picture this; good food, great people ,interesting accents 😉 wonderful tourist attractions, a rich display of culture and an ease of accessing the beauty that is Ghana. With simply a valid Nigerian passport  you can be well on your way to Ghana!

Of course, in proper TheEstephany fashion I will be giving you recommendations on places to stay, eat and see while you’re in Ghana all directly from my firsthand experience. Let’s get to it!

First and foremost, when planning a trip to foreign country you’ll be considering suitable hotels to lodge in during your time there. And for my booed up readers you really wouldn’t want to end up in a straight-out-of-a-Stephen-King-novel; Hotel of Horror now would you? Especially when it is due to a lack of proper research. You don’t want a ruin a well-planned out beacation with reservations at a hotel below your standards. I don’t want you to either, which is why Swiss Spirit hotel is the go to place for you. With its close proximity to the Kotoko international airport to its strategic location stark in the middle of at least ten tourist and national attractions to its amazing customer service you really couldn’t go wrong with a reservation at the hotel.

Swiss spirit hotel of Alisa group is a 4 star hotel located at Dr Isert Road, Accra Ghana. It cost 863 Cedi’s (57,281) naira for a night in Least room and the family suite cost #144,676 It has a hotel shuttle that can pick you up from the airport and take you back hotel; Vice versa on your request.

The hotel is located at a safe, clean and serene environment, and honestly while I was there, it was so peaceful! A welcome albeit strange difference from the hustle and bustle of Lagos life. I think I may have had the best sleep of my life there.

The staff at Swiss spirit are very welcoming and polite. They are observant towards the needs of their guests and are always ready to ensure your maximum comfort. It might seem a strange thing to note, but I’m a strong believer in good customer service and professionalism. Uncouth staff at any establishment I visit instantly turns me off the place and for some visitors it could potentially mar their experience there.

  1. The rooms at Alisa hotel are up to standard with foreign hotels outside the continent; I had the opportunity of taking a tour round the hotel and I noticed all the rooms are fully equipped with good lighting, a wide screen TV, a fridge, functional and tastefully selected furniture, a pressing iron and a hair dryer in bathroom. They were all in perfect condition. Which shows they carry out routine checks and maintenance in all the rooms.  Click here to watch full video on the hotel tour

The breakfast buffet is free with a selection of so much food, that you might run into a little trouble deciding what to eat for breakfast! They have a variety of local dishes available for breakfast, prepared with a careful selection of fresh ingredients made in hygienic conditions.

So why should you consider lodging at Swiss Spirit Hotel this Valentine?

​◦ It located in a serene and beautiful environment that is perfect that quiet time you’ve been longing with LOYL.

​◦ it has an indoor spa and a gym, so you both can get a soothing massage and keep up with your Get Fit routines.

​◦ Free Wi-Fi with fast network speed, for your Netflix and chill needs.

​◦ The indoor restaurant has robust menu with a lovely ambience, so dinner at the restaurant it is 100% recommended

​◦ It has a standard and hygienic swimming pool, so that’s go on pool dates.

​◦ The bars are functional if you want to have drinks with your love and discuss have a go at it.

So what are you waiting for? Book Swiss hotel by clicking this link and experience the best valentine get away in Accra, Ghana.

Edited by Shalom Egbagbe-Wakama.