Hello lovelies, Happy Valentine’s Day, make sure to enjoy your day.
I visited fatfish restaurant in Accra Ghana and I must say the restaurant speaks class. If you are looking for a suitable restaurant to go on a date this valentine, then fatfish is a must-visit. Fatfish is located at Villagio Alto, Accra Ghana.

So I visited the restaurant on a fine day in January with my friend at 5:15pm. Turns out we were 45 minutes early because their dinner starts at 6:00 pm. While my friend and I waited for 6:00 pm to approach, we got seated at the bar and ordered a cool drink. We took water which cost 15cedis and chatted while we enjoyed the feel of the restaurant.

When the time for dinner was near, we got settled in at the dinner area. The waiter handed the menu to us and we had to pick a starter, a main dish and dessert of our choice. At first, I couldn’t really identify a lot of food on the menu mostly because I’d never been adventurous with seafood before, so I was skeptical about choosing something I wouldn’t like. I decided to let the waiter choose a dish for my friend and so we could try each other’s food. I picked hot pepper shrimp as my appetizer which cost 65 cedis, my main dish, called “Grouper” contained roasted bone marrow, yam terrine and beef demi.

My dessert, which I love to call my “dramatic dessert” is called Death by Chocolate. It was the stuff of a dreams. The manager made us feel much welcome by personally serving it to us. (If you want to see why I called it dramatic, check out my Instagram page)
While my friend ordered Foie Gras and beef Sliders for her appetizer, Goat for her main dish and Milk Trio for her desert. The food was a bit tasty not juicy, but you won’t get bored eating the food at Fatfish.

All things considered, what really I love about Fatfish restaurant is that there is technically no waiting time. Because the time that you are expected to wait while your food gets ready, the chef sends you a lot of complimentary snacks to entertain you. I also just loved the décor of place, very artistic luxurious ambiance.THINGS TO NOTE

  • The customer service fatfish is excellent.
  • The waiters are very polite and smart.
  • The Restaurant has a cozy feel to it, for couples dining.
  •     The décor is aesthetically pleasing with a lot of beautiful art contemporary African art work on the walls.
  •     Do not order only a main dish if you are hungry. It won’t fill you.
  •     The environment is very peaceful, no car honking sounds, so you can spend relatively peaceful with your date or family.
  • Everything in the appetizer cost between 50 cedis-65 cedis, everything on the main dish costs 155 cedis, and everything on the dessert cost 50 cedis

If you are looking for a restaurant in Ghana with an interesting selection of seafood in its menu, you should definitely visit Fatfish!

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