Traveling to Ghana
Traveling to Ghana

Hello lovelies, hope you are doing great. Today’s blog post I will be sharing with you all the procedures you need to know when you are traveling to Ghana and this includes traveling by road or by air.

Despite the fact that Nigeria and Ghana are in west Africa, there is always an interest for Nigerians to visit Ghana either as a tourist or for business. Ghana is known for their tourist attraction places, great food and courteous people even if we always have our regular jollof wars on social media 😂. it is a very amazing country to visit.



To travel from Nigeria to Ghana, you need a valid
1. international/ECOWAS passport
2. Yellow card: this cost about N3000, you can either get yours from Nigerian ports authority(they have an office there) or Port health office located just before the airport toll gate.


BY AIR: flight time from Lagos to Ghana is usually around 1hour 10min. Flight to Ghana from Lagos can range from 40,000 – 45,000 naira

BY ROAD: you could use transportation companies like ABC, cross Country. Traveling by road can be an average of 14hours at most 21 hours, traveling by road you have to be stocked with your own form of entertainment because mehn the journey is a really long but interesting one. Traveling by bus can cost around N19,000.


Traveling by road, You will cross several borders. you will be inspected, asked some causal questions and even health checks will be conducted.

The first boarder you will come across is called the Lagos – Cotonou border. The second is The Cotonou – Togo border, at this boader, you have to walk into the country, while the vehicle is inspected and cleared . This boarder is a very strict one, you are not allowed to take pictures, if not your phone will be confiscated. The last boarder is Togo – Ghana boarder which is also know as the Aflao.

Crossing the boarders is really a stressful one, especially if you are a first timer. traveling with a private car and you have a virgin passport, there is usually a lot of negotiation and settlements, you can avoid all these hassle by going with a transportation company, They sort all the border issues.


Traveling to Ghana
In Ghana you can only spend their currencies such as Cedis and Dollars. it is best you change any other type of foreign currencies before you get into the country.
You can change your money either in Nigeria or at Aflao boarder. You should take note of the exchange rate in order not to get cheated.
Or you can use your debit card and withdraw from ATM’s, banks we have in common are ACCESS BANK, UBA, Ensure to take note of the exchange rate, do your calculation so you know the amount in credis to punch in at the ATM. Your bank will also take their percentage, so just have some spare cash for those minor Charges.
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