rangla Punjab

Hey lovelies, I hope you are doing great. I know have been away for sometime and really apologize for inconsistency here. To make up for it, I will be giving juicy information about an Indian restaurant, Rangla Punjab, I visited recently. I know due to COVID-19 a lot of us have been really skeptical about going out to eat out and so on, which is totally understandable.

Rangla Punjab is an Indian Restaurant that is located at 49 Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria. Stepping through the door felt like i walked into a mini mall. It has a unique look to it (although if you are hoping to get sunny outdoor pictures that is a downside but I promise you the interior of the restaurant will make up for that.

When I got to the restaurant I was really happy to see how they took all the necessary preventive measures for covid-19. From disinfectanting my whole body to maintaining social distancing between each table, to scanning a code in other to place your order, I was impressed by the thoughtful way they carried it out.

Now to the general aesthetic of the restaurant, one word describes it; Beautiful! When I say this restaurant is beautiful i mean it is so beautiful that every corner of the place is picturesque. Meaning, you could never get a bad picture there lol. To have a better idea of what I am talking about, watch my vlog on my visit to this restaurant on YouTube.

FOOD TIME, FUN TIME! in Rangla Punjab, they focus mainly on tasty authentic northern India cuisines, but what I totally love about this restaurant is that they also serve fusion food, so if you are Nigerian you can find familiar dishes on the menu such as jollof rice. The Nigerian in me could not help but order jollof rice at an Indian restaurant just to see how it tastes. I noticed they serve jollof rice with Nigerian pepper (sauce?) at the side. Which i find is an interesting albeit spicy take on jollof rice so if you love spicy food, you can order this.

I had a chit chat with the lady that owns Rangla Punjab and she told me that most of her Nigerian clients often order for Galic naan, which is literally galic bread and Tikka shole, this is know as chicken as well. She also showed me the best way to eat it for all the rich flavours and textures in the dish to be enjoyed.

Food preparation literally took 20 minutes and a major upside about Rangla Punjab is that all dishes are freshly made from scratch. While I waited for my food I was served complimentary meals to keep me munching.

What complimentary meals did I get?

1. Papad

2. Green chilly

3. Nigerian pepper sauce

4. Pico

5. Chutney


1. Jollof rice with chap N5300 with tax

2. Tikka sholay N3900 with tax

3. Garlic naan N7650 with tax

4. Spicy Indian bread

5. Mango juice N1800

6. Coconut milk N1800

7. Kiwi mojito ( I recommend this drink, I was star struck when I tasted this) N1800

The food at Rangla Punjab is really awesome and it will surely leave you wanting more, I say this as a person that just tried Indian cuisine for the first time ever. Coupled with customer service, food prep and wait time I’d rate the restaurant a 8/10. check out their instagram page for amazing meals https://www.instagram.com/ranglapunjabng/?hl=en

If you want to see something cool/funny watch my YouTube video to get all my facial reactions as i tried each dish.

Have you tried Indian cuisine before?, I’d love to hear all about it the comment section, thank you for stopping by, have a great day . Edited by Shalom Egbabge-Wakama.