Hello Dear reader, I hope you are having a fantastic day. Today’s blog post is about this beautiful boutique hotel you never knew existed, in other words, if you knew about this gem all along, drop a comment to let me know. However, I recently visited Bogobiri house hotel, a boutique hotel to relax and be taken care of, because you deserve it.
Bogobiri house hotel

What’s a boutique hotel you ask? Contrary to what the name connotes, it is not a place to go shopping which also has rooms for board . A boutique hotel is a small hotel which typically has between 10 and 100 rooms in settings with upscale accommodations and individualized unique selling points.
Bogobiri house is a African themed boutique hotel located at no 9, Maitama street, Ikoyi, Lagos. Certainly, It’s selling point is the carefully curated decor and customer service. Bogobiri House hotel has been in existence for 16 years(awesome right?) There are 16 rooms in this hotel with each of the rooms having a unique interior design different from every other room (which I think is so cool) The entire building is filled with various artwork ranging from paintings to sculptures.
Bogobiri house hotel

Moreover, Bogobiri house is made up of two buildings, each housing a restaurant and a set of guest rooms. The furnishing and interiors of the restaurant consists mainly of artistic and rustic ornament and furniture, including chairs, cushioned benches, sofas, tables and stools with heavy sculptures of African reliefs and patterns and made from a mix of raw timber, straw, jute, rocks and leather materials sourced from within the country. There are also bars, an art gallery and corners for live jazz bands within the restaurants.
Bogobiri house hotel

What makes Bogobiri House special is its Afrocentric theme, just one visit to the place and i feel a deep appreciation for Nigerian art and culture and I must say the place beautifully showcases our African heritage. It’s the perfect for place to take a minute to reconnect with ones African roots while being spoiled silly of course. If you’re a tourist looking to experience the richness of Nigerian art and hospitality while in Lagos, you should definitely consider Bogobiri House for a staycation.
Bogobiri house hotel

Most importantly, a staycation package at Bogobiri hotel is divided into two categories. The first category is the half board, which is 2 nights with breakfast, at a cost of N100,000 which cost 262 dollars for two persons.

The second category is full board is 2 nights with all meals included which cost N120,000 which cost 314 dollars for two persons.
Bogobiri house hotel

The staycation packages includes a lot of interesting activities, which is what I love most about Bogobiri house hotel. They are :

1. Live music shows (unfortunately, i missed Zlatan’s performance on my visit there)

2. Art class (want to see what I painted for the first time in a long time, click here)

3. Gallery Tour

4. Games Night and

5. Spa treatment

To see the vlog i made on my visit to Bogobiri House, click this to watch my cool hotel tour.

what do you do to get away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos? let me know in the comment section.
Edited by Shalom Egbagbe-Wakama

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