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Hi lovelies, how are you doing today? So i recently got two draw string dress from a Nigerian brands and i would be reviewing them -per usual 😉 in this blog post.

Recently drawstring dresses have been the rave all over the internet. To the point the style has been adapted to shirts, skirts and even pants. Either way it’s placed on a piece of clothing, it’ just looks absolutely fab on the wearer.
Although it seems to have attained trend status, we’ll be watching to see if this IG girl favourite fizzles out by the end of 2020. So, I got myself two drawstring dresses to decide if the outfit is worth it’s trendy status.

Incase you are wondering what drawstring dresses are, they are a dresses that have drawstring running through the length of them, so that when pulled they form scrunched up gathers. They sort of mimic side slits when scrunched up.

The first drawstring dress I got is from this lovely affordable Nigerian fashion brand called Virtue Clothiers. They make a variety of dresses suited for different occasions. Their versatility and affordability is what caught my attention so if you are looking for classy, well made work wear at a very affordable price for as low as N5000 Virtues Clothiers got you covered.

However, I got my red draw string dress from them, and I can say the color choice is perfect and the quality of the fabric is everything. However, if you are not comfortable with wearing showing skin, this dress is a no, no.

Certainly, You can wear this lovely red dress from virtue clothiers to a dinner with bae, drinks with the girls at night, and a wedding event. Its flirty yet playful tone is what makes it an all rounder for me.


Dress: here

Heels: Lola shoetique

Bag : Everything fashion item

Jewelry: Tiffeny

Hair : Natural hair rockss


The second outfit is also from a Nigerian brand, I recently came across their Instagram handle and I was really amazed with the quality they are able to dish out for a small business.

This dress is from Purple Natureza For some reason I had doubts about the comfort of the dress but I can say after I rocked it I can defend that this is super comfy dress any day, any time. I particularly love how the texture of the fabric felt against my skin.

The dress is for lady’s with an appreciation for details. It’s obvious the designer behind the dress worked with clear intentions on how he or she wanted the dress to be produced.
The designs on the material, the draped neckline and the draw string slit all beautifully worked together to create this awesome dress. It’s a classy piece from purple if i do say so myself.
This dress is surely a go to dress for a wedding guest and it could also be worn to church.


Dress: Here

Purse: Jumia

Heels: friend’s closet

Hair: Mabella hair

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Thank you for stopping by, but before you go, tell me in the comment section which of these dresses suits your style? I’d also like to know what you think of the drawstring design in clothes these days? Are they here to stay or no?

Edited by Shalom Egbagbe-Wakama.