Basically, i am a kind of person that is very conscious of keeping my skin very radiant and beautiful, so when i shop for my cosmetic products i am very careful of what i buy and where i buy them from, so it will not result to reactions or after  bad effect.
  • MY BATH SOAP: The bath soap i have been using for a while now(3 years+) is  St Ives Oat meal and Shea butter Body wash ,it is not as if the bath wash only comes in one flavour  but i picked shea butter and oats meal flavour because shea butter is proven to keep the skin radiant and also to clear body marks such as scars etc. One of the good thing  i like about the St Ives body wash is that it contains 100% natural ingredients, another is that it does contain paraben. It is a dermatologist tested. St Ives leaves your skin with a soft fresh feel.

  • HONEY:i also make use  of honey to bath , i believe this nature’s product can help improve my skin by leaving it fresh .


  Pour into a moistened sponge of soft wash cloth both the St ives and honey(you may decide to mix both into a container) then work into a creamy lather and rinse with a clean water. 

MY BODY CREAM: I also make use of the st Ives intensive healing body lotion cranberry seed and grape seed oil , this lotion is clinically tested and proven to lock in moisture for 24 hours , It is made with natural moisturizers (vegetable glycerin and soya bean oil). It is dermatologist tested and does not  contain paraben .This lotion is gentle on sensitive skin and it is also proven to help heal even the most severely dry skin.This body lotion helps keep your skin looking and feeling young and fresh.

    OLIVE OIL: I also mix my st Ives lotion with the Goya extra virgin oil to get best results.
       Use the st Ives body wash and the body lotion together to achieve the soft,smooth, and healthy look and feel that your skin deserves visit to learn more about their products.

    CLEAN AND CLEAR: I make make use of the clean and clear cooling daily tone to reduce the apperance of pores on my face .it can also be used to makeup ,remove pore clogging dirt and oil.

    HOW TO USE    

      1. Clean the skin before application
      2. Moisten a cotton ball with toner
      3. Apply over the face,avoid contact with eye area
      4. Carry out exercise three times daily


      GREEN TEA: I make use of green tea to improve my skin complexion

        – Cut open 2 used green tea bags and put in an empty container
        – Mix a little lemon juice
        – Add 1 to 2tsp of raw honey
        – Apply it on the face and rinse it after  5-10 minutes
        Expoliate : I make use of a day expoliating procedure which contains sugar honey and oil 
           HOW TO MAKE
         1tsp of sugar
         2tbsp of honey
         1tbsp of oil
           Mix together 
           Leave on the face for 5-10mintues
           Then rinse and clean face with a soft clean cloth
        • TO TREAT MY ACNE:I make use of nature secréte with pure argan oil facial contains Argan oil and saliva of snail ,a nature active ingredients called Ginseng .this cream helps to give you a clean and beautiful face. if you took note i highlighted the “Acne” in red that is to show how all girls dislike having acne ,so why not start treating your acne today and be glad you did tomorrow.