Hello dear reader, hope you all are good?. I noticed when most people see the colour pink 70% of what comes to mind is “Barbie”, people have seen pink to be a very absurd colour. Pink is not just a colour, it can be an attitude.

  Personally people that can still rock the colour pink as grown ups are very bold irrespective of Gender. There are different shades of pink Lilac, Magenta, Peach, Taffy, Hot pink, Fuscia.
You can rock colour pink and look bomb, Over the years Celebrities like Rihanna who opted for head-to-toe pink in Prada for the Paris premiere of Valerian and the city of a thousand planet, Also Zendaya rocks a little pink Ungaro, this example are a proof that you can rock pink and still look elegant and classy and not look like a baby.

1. People believe pink is a girl colour, I mean look at the way Kanye West rocked a pink Ralph Lauren polo
2. People say pink makes one look immature
3. pink Is a highly selected colour, it can only be worn together with either a black or a white outfit, but this concept is totally wrong.


  • Taffy wrap top (Nigerian made)
  • Cream pants (marks and Spencer’s)
  • Hand bag (Aldo)
  • Rose gold Mules
  • Detailed earrings
  • Dark sunnies.

Photography by Tolu Owoeye (@itolu_)
Writeup assisted by Kasbornofficial
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

I hope I was able to change your mindset about the colour pink, kindly drop your comment in the comment section in form of “Disqus”