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A week before Saturday, I and my friends thought of where we could have a lovely weekend, out of the ordinary, we didn’t want to do the normal restaurant visit, mall visit and so on, so I came up with the idea of going on a mini adventure even though I hated stuffs like that but you know, there is a first time for every thing.

 So, my friend, my photographer and I; got ready to hit the road. We left yaba, Lagos at 2;15pm (we used an uber which cost #2475) , the uber was quite cheap for such distance guess because they had this 50% off promo thing.

We arrived at lekki conservation centre, which is located at lekki peninsula II way. We proceeded to pay for our tour and canopy which cost #2000 but if you are only touring around it Will cost #1000. After we paid we were given our hand bands which indicated we paid.

We proceeded to the tour, we had no tour guide…yikes, we were our tour guide, we went on a really long walk which we encountered a lot of monkeys, I was scared at first because I heard a lot of things about monkeys hijacking people’s property, but to my amazement they were really chilled. The walk took up to 30 minutes.

  We got to Canopy walk segment, the canopy is a walk which is suspended in the air, the more you walk the higher you go, I was so scared.

We went to the park, like a relaxation centre, where you could have a family picnic, picnic with friends, they sold Suya (roasted meat) , coconut, and it had a lot of board games ranging from chess, snakes and ladder, they had a pool (no one was allowed to go in).

   On our way out we saw a tree house, where people had to climbed to get to the top, the top of the tree was housed.
I finally saw a tortoise, the tortoise is a 100years old. Nature is indeed beautiful.

Pictures shot by; Tolu Owoeye (@Itolu_)

What do you thing about having an adventurous weekend with your friends?
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