Do you often feel like the universe is against you,? Do you feel like just quitting a plan before you started putting it to action or even quit when you are in it already? I know most time you often ask your self certain question like why is she excelling more than me , what is she doing that I am not doing?
You often blame your self for every thing,
This happens to virtually everyone, but we should understand that quitting because something didn’t go as planned is often times not the solution to the problem, but we should examine our conscience and dig out what we think we are doing right or wrong.

I am no sooth sayer, my life is not perfectly made, but St Paul says there is room for perfection.
Haven’t you heard that better things come to does who don’t give up, yes you deserve better, but you can only own it if you do not Give up at every thing you do.
 I will be giving you FIVE (5) reasons why you should not give up.

  • You are YOU; one of the most unique feature that every human posses is the outstanding characteristics that you are YOU, and no one can take that from you, there can never be two of the same people, even if you are a twin , your twin will have a distinct unique feature from you . You should take charge of this amazing fact.

  • Timing; in this world, every ones timing is different, your race isn’t my race, you can start up something today and within a week you have achieved your goal, while I could start up something today and I will achieve my goal in 5 years, the ultimate thing you should bear in mind is that you will both achieve your goal at different timing, but the utmost importance is that the goal is being achieved.

  • The most worthwhile things are not easily attained.

  • You are greater than you imagine, learn not to limit your self, every morning when you wake up look into the mirror and say to your self “I (*inserts name*) is greater than I can imagine”.

  • Believe in your dreams; people often misplace the huge difference between having dreams and the difference in believing in them, Note to self; (no one can ever understand your dream, not even a dream interpreter, you own your dream, so believe in your dream).

WORD OF THE DAY; you are alive, that is the greatest gift any one can ask of, so why give up?.

Photography by Tolu Owoeye (@itolu_)

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